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Conquer-Leyte Park joins Carera Habagat Adventure Race in Camiguin

Two team racers crashed; sustained bruises on knee and forehead.

Composed of four adventure racers led by Team Captain Ambrosio, Frietz (team navigator), Jay, Jennylyn and two support crews Eric and Alex, Team Conquer-Leyte Park joined in the 2002 Carera Habagat Adventure Race held in Camiguin Island on June 8-12.

Two team racers sustained light bruises on the knee and forehead when their mountain bikes crashed while negotiating a rough road.

Jay was slowly picking up speed downhill in his mountain-bike when a rough portion of the track sent him tumbling down. He sustained light bruises on the knee.

Racing for the first time, Jennylyn, burdened by a nagging muscle cramp in her right foot, sustained bruises on her arms and head when her mountain-bike crashed too. A small stone was lodged in her forehead.

In the 2001 Carera Habagat Adventure Race held in Siquijor Island, the team, previously called Team WildTrek, marked their first involvement in national adventure racing. Backed by Leyte Park Resort Hotel and Conquer Mountaineering Equipment, it's their second time to join the race in Camiguin.

A slow start for Team Conquer-Leyte Park and an injured member cost them a lot.

To reach the first control point, each team has to climb a bamboo pole laced with thick grease to get the passport. Team Conquer-Leyte Park was able scale the bamboo pole only after struggling with the thick grease. By the time they got the passport, they were way down the line and consumed critical time.

"It cost us precious, critical minutes", Frietz said. But we were able to catch up with the pack at the rope section in the first day, he added.

The team's strategy was to maintain their average pace during the day and overtake other teams during night trek. They know that at some point, some teams would be sleeping. Hopefully, the team would be able to check-in before the first cut-off time at 3:00 PM in Control Point 19. But saddled by an injured team member, Team Conquer-Leyte Park together with seven other teams fell short of the cut-off time.

At the jungle trek section, Jennylyn experienced muscle pain in her right foot. She found it hard to walk. After traversing the mountain range of Camiguin, rappelling the Tuasan Falls and trekking the river system and rugged terrain, Jennylyn can barely walk.

When Team Conquer-Leyte Park reached Control Point 14 on the next day, the team navigator, taking into consideration her condition, suggested to withdraw from the race.

"I proposed to the rest of the team members that we withdraw from the race so as not to complicate her condition. But when she decided to continue despite of the pain, we were glad", Frietz said.

From CP14 on their way to CP15, team members Jay and Jennylyn crashed in the mountain-bike section.

"It hurt a lot", Jennylyn said.

Team Captain Abrosio said it's always nice to be a part of the Carera Habagat Adventure race.

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