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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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WildTrek-Leyte Park Hotel Placed 8th In 2001 Carera Habagat Adventure Race

Team WildTrek-Leyte Park Hotel placed 8th out thirteen adventure racers in the 2001 Carera Habagat Adventure race held in Siquijor Island on June.

Thirteen teams coming from all over the country competed for three days in more than 200 kilometer race route in the island of Siquijor.

The race dubbed as "Mystic Island Quest" include mountain biking, kayaking, scooter, and jungle trekking under a harsh, unforgiving terrain and bad weather.

Racing against seasoned mountaineers, and veterans of adventure racing notwithstanding the physical pain (blisters and muscle cramps), Team Wild Trek-Leyte Park Hotel managed to finish 8th out of the 13 teams.

Two Saklang members (Frietz and Jay), Ambo from Adventurangers, Leslie from Leyte Kalipayan Dance Group and Eric and Francis, the support crew, completed the Team Wild Trek.

Suffering from severe blisters and a bad fall in mountain biking, Leslie, the lone female member of the 4-man team, have to bear the pain to sustain the momentum of the team.

Jay, hampered by muscle cramps from mountain biking attempted to overcome physical limitations -he kept on pacing with team members. Ambo have to endure the bouts of erratic sleeping conditions as Frietz handled the navigation. Eric and Francis, the logistics personnel of the team, grappled the motorcycles in hauling the gears, foods and overall support to keep the 4-man racers in top condition.

The race took its toll as some teams abandoned the race because of exhaustion and logistical blunders. Out of the 13 racers, 5 teams abandoned the race.

Team Santorini won the 2001 Carera Habagat Adventure Race.

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