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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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Spelunking and Canyoning in Sulpan-Pinipisakan Cave System

Sulpan and Pinipisakan cave are two interconnected cave system ensconced in the deep jungle of Western Samar. The cave can be reached through the municipal boundaries of Matuguinao, San Jose de Buan or San Jorge.

To reach the entrance of the cave from San Jorge, you can take the route to Snas. From Snas, either follow the trail down to the Humaket River or take the trail going North-East. If you take the trail to Humaket River, just follow the river.

The cave system can be traversed in a half day using the shortest route. There are still uncharted chambers remaining to be explored.

The exit of the cave which is located in the Pinipisakan area offers a wide latitude for canyoning towards Gandara River. From the exit of the cave, the nearest barangay called Mobo-ob, is 4 hours away by swimming.

On April 2000, Saklang assembled a 7-man team to track the route from San Jorge to the mouth of the cave, to identify some of the uncharted chambers not plotted in the speleological map and to swim more than 5 kilometer river as exit route back to San Jorge.

Using a topographical map from Namria, Cecile, Ambo, Alex, Joey, Marlito, Jay and Frietz, successfully plotted the route, traversed the cave system and swam rivers sculpted in between towering gorges.

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