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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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Ambo, Leslie and Frietz Win In 1st La Routa Adventure Race

Ambo, Leslie and Frietz comprising the Team Conquer win in the 1st La Routa Adventure Race competition held in Tacloban City on November 18-19, 2000.

Team Conquer bested other teams in orienteering. "It was pure luck," Frietz, team navigator, said. "We didn't expect to win this race because at the starting line, we missed the first control point and we were way down behind during the bike leg," he added.

Team Conquer exploited the orienteering phase to take a tactical advantage over other teams. Navigating in darkness, Team Conquer passed through the third control point just minutes after the first two teams logged in. "At this point, the two leading teams were just minutes ahead of us," Ambo, team captain said.

By morning, Team Conquer took the lead when the two leading teams got lost. "When we learned that the two teams got lost, we took advantage of the situation. All we had in mind was to take a mad dash to the finish line," Leslie said.

Backed by Conquer Mountaineering Equipment, Ambo (Adventurangers), Leslie Febria (Leyte Kalipayan Dance Group) and Frietz (Saklang Mountaineers) bagged the top position.

The Ist La Routa Adventure Race attracted a total of fifteen teams from Leyte. Each team is composed of three members with one member from the opposite sex. The race included trail running, night navigation, compass and map reading, rappelling, swimming and biking.

The race was organized by Bukid Outdoorshop, dealer of HABAGAT mountaineering equipments and gears.

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