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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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Recruitment Process

Saklang Mountaineers, through the Executive Board, decides when to conduct recruitment for new membership. The recruitment is usually conducted once in every semester, or twice a year in UP Tacloban. The recruitment process is assisted by Senior Saklang Specialists.

Preliminary assessments
All applicants interested to join the organization usually undergo a preliminary assessment whether they meet the minimum qualifications as required . If an applicant meets the minimum qualifications, he is introduced to the recruitment process.

The recruitment process is designed to test the physical, mental and psychological state of an applicant. An applicant undergoes a battery of tests. Results of the tests are used by Saklang to assess his chances to be accepted into the organization.

Training Modules
Saklang Mountaineers usually presents a standard training modules designed to equip all applicants the necessary skills and concepts of mountaineering.

The training module include, among others:

  1. Basic Mountaineering Course. This course introduces all applicants to the basics of mountaineering;
  2. Land/water navigation. All applicants are taught the basic skills involved in elementary and advanced navigational skills. This module teaches the basics of using compass, reading a map and understanding modern navigational aid like GPS.
  3. Mountaineering skills like rappelling, single rope technique (SRT), rescue and a lot more.

Our goal during the recruitment process is to train young people to become good mountaineers. We want every member to become an active team player. We want them to be imbued with a high level of confidence on themselves and toward their teammates. We want them to acquire a deep respect for nature and a keen understanding on what mountaineering is all about.