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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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There is beauty in numbers.Through the years, Saklang Mountaineers continue to grow by recruiting people who have the passion for outdoors and wild adventure. In Saklang, mountaineers come and go. Saklang members who graduated in UP find themselves in a whole world -- perhaps looking for jobs, travelling abroad or taking the ultimate course of getting married. Yet, the passion for outdoors remain. And the numbers keep on growing...
Saklang Core Group
Lewina Well, if you here a lovely voice at night, it must be from Lewina.
Louella Louella is Wowel. She can tickle our bones to the max! After finishing political science in UP in 1996, she took up law, passed the bar exam and now a full pledge lawyer.
GlendaGlenda is a psych graduate. She's everywhere.
BimboyHe qualified in the 1997 Marlboro Adventure Team. He teaches Masteral Studies in UP Tacloban.
JeffreyManagement graduate in UP, Jeffrey is the first to marry among Saklang members. He married a member of Saklang too. He works in a pharmaceutical firm.
JoeyJoey works in Metrobank. He leads short climbs during free days.
MarlitoBest buddy during exploration climbs.
FrietzHe loves adventure racing.
Eb-ebIn the mountain, trust Eb-eb with his creative cuisines. He's the best cook so far. Well, that's how we think of him.
Batch 1994
Nunneth Cool and calm, Nunneth would rather keep her cards closer to herself -- like taking Jeffrey to the wedding altar. Spends most of her time with her baby!
Tomas Inquisitive and interested to learn new things, Tomas flashes his cute smile when there are girls around. He passed the bar!
Chilet She's going to get hitched soon. After a brief stint in DILG, she's now connected in COA, Region 8.
Rhesa Joy Joy is in US for quite a long time already after spending a few years in Taiwan. She's the only female among Saklang members who was able to climb Mt. Apo years back.
Beth Beth has to grapple with her fear of heights everytime she climbs a mountain. But after a couple of ascents, she was able to come into terms with it. Now, she's in Manila working under an accounting firm.
Joeph Joseph? Well, he works in an accounting firm too.
Liezl She's married already. Deeply religious, Liezl is the kind of person who would bring everything to heaven.
Jasmin Wow. Jasmin is married too. She loves rappelling at the Balyuan Tower. She currently works in the National Maritime Polytechnic.
Jannie Ann Like Jasmin, Liezl, Sharon and Nunneth, she's married too. She works in the National Maritime Polytechnic together with Jasmin. She's deeply religious too -- in her studies, career, and being a wife.
Gigi The last time we heard of her, she works in a bank in Manila. We haven't heard about her since then.
Sharon You know it's Sharon if you hear her scream or laugh gregariously. You won't be mistaken. She works in SSS.
Malou Malou? Well, where is Malou?
Batch 1995
Ryan For all we know, Ryan is now a CPA bum and works in an accounting firm in Manila.
Ruth Ruth works in Mercury Drug in Maasin.
Mario Mario is in Manila trying to finish his law studies.
Jay Jay works in the Civil Service Commission Region 8. Jay has consistently joined the last two Carera Habagat Adventure race held in Siquijor and Camiguin respectively.
Margarito Margarito conducts CPA review in Tacloban. He's still into mountaineering -- the last time we heard, he signified his interest to join Ayala Mountaineers in Manila. But he's now back in Tacloban working in DPWH.
Batch 1998
Rex Rex loves football.
Marvi Marvi is cautious.
Erasto Erasto is a wild, untamed guy. Bring him to Tres Marias, I'll tell you, he'll love it man.
Karen Even if dead tired, Karen exudes simplicity and beauty.
Michelle Behind the eyes of Michelle is an adventurous spirit interested to test her personal resolve.
Janet How would you pluck the red ants if it swarm into your body? To Janet it's pretty simple: undress immediately. That's what she did!
Lani Hello Lani. Where are you? We miss you. Post a message to us naman. Ikaw gud. Malabyaw ka nagad.
Batch 2001 Mt. Naga-Naga
Dodot de Veyra Ah, amo ini it amon opisyal nga cook. Bwahahahaha!
Tata Vano Waray naman daw magpapaabat ini hiya.
Richard Arboso Iton hi Richard, astig. Future navigator.
Betsy Bernales Betsy mahusay la gihap, siring ni Dodot
Eumir Nalda Eumir tag-iya na hit kagurangan. Maupay na it ka pwesto ha DENR
Bob del Monte Adto naman kuno ini hiya ha Samar?
Roger Cadion Mahilig sumaka ngan sumayaw - amo iton hi Roger.
Adroel Laboga Nasaka nga may tumbler - cool!
Tiodorico Brillo Hain ka na ngani gihap?
Weng Moraleta Uy, hi Weng. Astig gihap.
Archie Macato Asensado na inin.
Edren Margallo Asensado na gihap ini hiya.