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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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SAKLANG mountaineers has memorable history.

It was summer of April 1994. My friend Eb-eb broached the idea of climbing Mt. Talinis in Dumaguete. Frietz, he said, why don't we try to climb Mt. Talinis? Well, I said, why not?

I don't really know Mt. Talinis except for Eb-eb who comes from Dumaguete. Told me has a friend, Jopher, in Dumaguete who can accompany us to the mountain.

The idea of climbing outside Leyte was something new personally to me and to both of us. For nearly two years of climbing in different parts of Leyte and Samar, we didn't give much thought of climbing outside the region. Until Eb-eb shared the idea.

We shared the idea with some of our friends - Glenda, Louella, Lewina, Jeffrey, and Bimboy. After nearly a week of preparation, we went to Dumaguete. For three days, we climbed Mt. Talinis.

When we came back to Tacloban after the successful climb, the core group agreed to organize a mountaineering club in U.P Tacloban. To formally organize the mountaineering club, a resolution was passed organizing the Saklang University of the Philippines Tacloban College Mountaineers (SAKUP-TACOM).

By the of 1994, SAKUP-TACOM was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization. The SEC officially renamed SAKUP-TACOM to Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994 (SMI).

The word Saklang is derived from Leyte-Samar dialect which means to climb. The name basically reflects the nature of the organization -- as a mountaineering organization.

Saklang Mountaineers is one of the active mountaineering groups in Leyte-Samar region. As envisioned, Saklang Mountaineers is geared towards promoting responsible and disciplined mountaineering.

Saklang Mountaineers has consistently taken the lead in exploring the boundless possibilities the region of Leyte and Samar has to offer when it comes to extreme adventure -- potholing, canyoning and trailblazing.


After more than six years of mountaineering, the organization has trained a core of mountaineers in jungle survival techniques, specialized in map reading, day and night navigation, rope techniques and search and rescue.

Saklang has pioneered some major "trailblazing" activities in Leyte-Samar and the island of Biliran. Saklang has successfully traversed the major backbone of Biliran island -- the so-called Tres Marias Mountain Range from Culaba to Naval--, Mt. Sayao in Caibiran, Alto Peak in Ormoc-Jaro mountain range and a lot more.

Today Saklang Mountaineers continue to take the lead in exploration climbs. It continue to get involved in major adventure racing activities. When the Elf Authentic Adventure Race was held in the region of Leyte and Samar, some Saklang Members acted as guides for foreign journalists throughout the race. On November 2000, Saklang and a member of Adventurangers bagged the 1st La Routa Adventure Race held in the City of Tacloban. On June 2001, Saklang joined in the 3-day 2001 Carera Habagat Adventure Race held in Siquijor Island placing 8th out of 13 adventure racers. And it continues to encourage its members to harness mountaineering skills by joining in mini adventure racers and tackling "non-guided" exploration climbs.

Saklang in Mt. Apo
Jeffrey, Bimboy, Rhesa Joy, Joey and Frietz (not shown)
Saklang in Jaro
Major Saklang exploration climb in 1995: the Jaro-Ormoc traverse. The team - Jeffrey, Eb-eb, Joey, Frietz and Bimboy (not shown).