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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
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How to join SAKLANG

joey on the peak of Mt. Apo Imagine. You sit at the top of a mountain like Joey with a hot coffee. Cold wind breezes from the west tickling your ears. You feel cold. You take a spoon and begin stirring your coffee. You drink it to soothe your soul and battered spirit.
You cast your weary eyes to the vast valleys beneath. And as you hold your cup of coffee, you can imagine hearing the grumbling, raging sound of the wild river, slicing the gorges as it slithers across the terrain like snake.
At night, the glittering stars reveal the beauty of heaven.You become stoic or philosophical. You dream of how it feels to live in harmony with nature. You dream of a place where you can be on your own and do what you want to do. The truth sinks on you--there is no place like sitting on top of a mountain drinking hot coffee. Yeah!

Membership Application

Saklang requires that anybody interested to join the organization must be a bonafide student, an administrative employee or faculty member of any University of the Philippines System unit.

If you belong to any mountaineering organization with an existing membership ties, you have to quash your membership status to join Saklang. Our rule: you must have no previous affiliation with any existing mountaineering club of which you are still a member prior to your application for membership. If you have quashed or renounced your previous membership with any existing mountaineering clubs, you can be qualified for membership application, provided you meet what we call "qualitative requirements."

An applicant must be of good moral character and should not have any administrative, criminal or personal derogatory record. An applicant must also be physically and mentally fit.

You must signify your intentions of personal purpose and objectives why you want to join the organization by duly filling up an application for Membership Form (Form 010). If you are under the care of "guardians", you must be able to provide proof of consent from your parents or legitimate guardians. You must also be willing to provide and present a parental/guardian/spouse (as the case maybe) waiver absolving the University and/or the organization or any of the officials of the same from any legal. administrative, criminal or financial liability arising from accident/incidents that may happen during legitimate activities of the club.

An applicant must be willing to undergo, undertake and completely and fully satisfy and pass a series of standard pre-membership qualifying orientation and screening with satisfactory rating. If you are really interested, just contact any SAKLANG members in UP. Or send us an email. Our email address is