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Saklang Mountaineers Inc., 1994
University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Tacloban City
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SAKLANG Mountaineers
in MT. PANGASUGAN, Baybay Leyte
Mt. Pangasugan.

Saklang takes the challenge blazing trail to the peak of Mt. Pangasugan, Baybay Leyte. For successfully scaling Mt. Pangasugan, the faces and poses reveal it all.

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Badlas Falls behind the bad guys Enjoying the breeze of Badlas Falls
Deep, fresh pool
A dip into a pool of fresh water
All smiles.
Look how Jeffrey smiles!
Takes a break.
A perfect brake
The perfect smiles at the peak
Perfect place for lunch
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Carera Habagat
Alto Peak-95
La Routa